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Career Counselling At Retirement

Navigate the Transition from a Long Career to Retirement

Dr. Susan MacDonald Ph.D. Calgary Registered Psychologist

Retirement marks a significant stage in life where career counselling can be immensely beneficial. Whether you’ve devoted your entire career to one occupation or have experienced multiple career transitions, the shift to retirement can pose challenges. This is a prime opportunity to take a proactive approach to plan your next life chapter, making it as fulfilling as possible.

Why is career counselling at retirement a good idea?

Retirement is a great stage in life to benefit from career counselling. You may have worked in the same occupation for a long time, or maybe you’ve had a few changes in your career over your lifetime. People who have worked their entire lives and then come to an abrupt halt with their work life may have difficulties with such a big change. This is a great opportunity to be proactive about your next stage of life, and planning your next move.

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

Career counselling at this stage of life seems a bit odd. Why career counselling now?

Retirement career counselling may involve some work ideas, and it can also incorporate other life roles and activities too. This is a big life transition, and getting help from a professional can offer you insight and guidance. In his book Transitions: Making Sense of Life’s Changes, author William Bridges refers to this time of change as the neutral zone. You’re about to go through the stage of endings (retiring from your job), and are moving towards the stage of new beginnings. The neutral zone is an ideal place of learning and growth, and taking stock of where you’ve come in your life and where you are going. Retirement career counselling can help facilitate this process.
Mitch Anthony wrote the book The New Retirementality: Planning your Life and Living Your Dreams. He sees this stage of life filled with infinite possibilities, and a time where you can create a life you’ve always wanted. This could be a time where work becomes part time or contract, or where you start a new role, maybe it’s volunteering or mentoring others. Maybe you’d like to venture out on a new type of work. This could be a time to embark on new activities, sports, or perhaps travel. People that actively plan this time of their lives tend to be healthier and happier than people that approach retirement in a more passive manner.
Typically 3-4 hours and 4 tests work really well for most people. Some people may benefit from more sessions if you require further clarity with your life decisions, if you are exploring various routes and ideas, or need to overcome any obstacles standing in your way for your future life success.

Investing in career counselling is a valuable step towards shaping your future. The cost of our services varies depending on the number of sessions and assessments required to meet your unique needs. For a personalized quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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You may pay by cash, cheque, credit, debit, or e-transfer. A receipt is issued for reimbursement through your extended medical plan or health spending account. It is also a tax-deductible medical receipt on your income tax return.
The four tests I use are a personality, interests, values, and conflict scales. All these tests have high validity and reliability, and provide a wealth of information for your retirement counselling process. The tests I use are only available to professionals that are specifically trained and certified as career counsellors.
Career counselling at retirement opens up the world of work and play to you with possibilities that you’ve maybe considered, as well as some new ideas. The self-knowledge you gain from retirement career counselling can help you make life decisions wisely, and can help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter as you pursue your dreams. Retirement career counselling gets you off on the right foot and to a good start at this pivotal time in your life. It can be a truly positive experience!

Plan Your Next Life Chapter?

Fees can be reimbursed by your extended medical plan or health spending account (and also through your partner’s plan).