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Career Counselling For Job Loss and Transition

Personalized Coaching, Personality Assessments, and Interest Testing.

Dr. Susan MacDonald Ph.D. Calgary Registered Psychologist

Experiencing job loss can be an incredibly challenging and often stressful event. Whether it arrives as an unexpected shock or a welcomed change, you find yourself at a pivotal juncture in your life. During this transitional period, career counselling can be a beacon of support and guidance. Dr. Susan MacDonald’s career counselling post-job loss enhances your self-awareness, enabling you to make decisions with newfound courage and confidence, bolstered by a foundation of solid reasoning and comprehensive insights. It’s an opportunity to gain clarity on what aligns best with your future path.

Why is career counselling after job loss a good idea?

Losing a job can be a very stressful experience. For other people, it may come as a welcome change. Either way, you are at a pivotal period in your life, and counselling can help you process this significant life event.Career counselling increases your self-awareness, so you are making decisions with courage and confidence, and backed by the solid rationale and information that comes from this process. Career counselling certainly helps you understand what is going to be a best fit for you.

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

Now that I’ve lost my job, what should I be considering regarding my career?

There are so many considerations after losing a job. This is an ideal time to contemplate where you’ve been in your career and where you’d like to go. Maybe you’ve thought about returning to school. Or perhaps you’d like to take a slightly different approach to your work life. Or maybe you’d like to make a complete shift from the type of work you previously had. You may have been in a certain line of work for so long, you are unfamiliar with what other possibilities may exist. Sometimes people just don’t know where to start and it could be a good idea to process some of the stress and uncertainly you may be experiencing. There can be so many considerations at this time in your life.
Typically 3-4 hours and 4 tests work really well for most people. Some people may benefit from more sessions if they require further clarity with their career decision, if they are looking at various educational routes, or need to overcome any obstacles standing in their way for their career success.

Investing in career counselling is a valuable step towards shaping your future. The cost of our services varies depending on the number of sessions and assessments required to meet your unique needs. For a personalized quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more detailed information about our pricing.

You may pay by cash, cheque, credit, debit, or e-transfer. A receipt is issued for reimbursement through your extended medical plan or health spending account. It is also a tax deductible medical receipt on your income tax return.
The four tests I use are a career personality, career interests, career values, and career conflict scales. All these tests have high validity and reliability, and provide a wealth of information for your career counselling process. The tests I use are only available to professionals that are specifically trained and certified as career counsellors.
Career counselling opens up the world of work to you to possibilities that maybe you’ve never considered. It helps to process this big life transition.It can validate and confirm that the new education or a change in career path you’ve contemplated is indeed right for you. The knowledge you gain from career counselling can help you overcome any road blocks you may encounter as you pursue your dreams. Career counselling gets you off on the right foot as you recover from job loss. You want what’s best for your life as you move forward. Career counselling after job loss can be truly a positive experience!

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Fees can be reimbursed by your extended medical plan or health spending account (and also through your partner’s plan).