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Career Counselling For High School Students

Personalized Coaching, Personality Assessments, and Interest Testing.

Dr. Susan MacDonald Ph.D. Calgary Registered Psychologist

Navigating your career path during high school is a pivotal moment in your life, possibly the most significant decision you’ll make at this relatively young age. Dr. Susan MacDonald’s career counselling serves as your compass, enhancing your self-awareness and empowering you to make this crucial decision with confidence and conviction, grounded in sound reasoning and comprehensive information. It’s your chance to kickstart your life in the right direction, and under Dr. MacDonald’s expert guidance, career counselling becomes your trusted companion on this intricate journey.

Why is career counselling during high school so important?

You are at the ideal stage in life to benefit from career counselling. This is likely the biggest decision you will make at this time of your life, and at such a relatively young age. Career counselling increases your self-awareness, so you are making this decision with courage and confidence, and backed by the solid rationale and information that comes from this process. You want to get your life off to the right start in the right direction, and career counselling certainly helps with this complex decision.

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Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

Have you had a bad experience with career testing or career planning at school?

I often hear this, and it is one of the reasons that students are reluctant to come for career counselling. One student said she was told to become a garbage collector. Another student was told to become a bricklayer. It’s not these are bad jobs, they just weren’t right for these students. Students are always pleasantly surprised at how accurate my interpretation of their reports can be. The reason is I have years of experience with career counselling, I am passionate about what I do, and I am committed to helping people find the right career path.

The world of work has changed so rapidly recently, and as a result there are many jobs that have become obsolete, and many new jobs that have developed. Many new careers are the result of changes in technology, globalization, and Canadian demographics, as well as changes in Canadian legislation. It is believed that the majority of jobs that young people will hold over your lifetime haven’t yet been invented. This means that choosing a career is more difficult than ever before.

For some students, they pick the right education and career, and they do just fine. For others, there is a lot of self-doubt or wondering if they’ve chosen wisely. Some students can start to question their own decision-making abilities. And some students can end up wasting a lot of time, energy and money pursuing an education or career path that isn’t suitable for them. This can result in a lot of needless stress, anxiety, and regret, and having to start this process all over again.

Typically 3-4 hours and 4 tests work really well for most people. Some people may benefit from more sessions if they require further clarity with their career decision, if they are looking at various educational routes, or need to overcome any obstacles standing in their way for their career success.

The overall cost of career counselling is generally less than the cost of one course at a college or university. It is truly a great investment in your future. For a personalized quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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You may pay by cash, cheque, credit, debit, or e-transfer. A receipt is issued for reimbursement through your extended medical plan or health spending account. It is also a tax deductible medical receipt on your income tax return.

The four tests I use are a career personality, career interests, career values, and career conflict scales. All these tests have high validity and reliability, and provide a wealth of information for your career counselling process. The tests I use are only available to professionals that are specifically trained and certified as career counsellors.

Career counselling opens up the world of work to you to possibilities that you’ve maybe never considered. Or it can validate and confirm that the education and career path you’ve contemplated is indeed right for you. The knowledge you gain from career counselling can help you overcome any obstacles you may encounter as you pursue your dreams. Career counselling gets you off on the right foot and to a good start at this crucial time in your life. It can be truly a positive experience for students!

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Fees can be reimbursed by your extended medical plan or health spending account
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