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Dr. Susan MacDonald Ph.D. Calgary Registered Psychologist

Are you looking for career help?  Look no further, you have found the answer for help in choosing a career path with the use of career assessments. Career testing provides a wealth of information for people who are choosing a career for the first time in their lives, mid career, or at the end of their career. 

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

What does career testing provide?

The reports that are generated from career testing help to increase your self-awareness so you make career choices with confidence based upon the solid rationale that comes from these career tests. Given there are so many careers in Canada, the reports also give you career ideas that you may never have thought of when choosing a career path or career direction. The entire career assessment process is short term and solution focused, because these career tests are high in reliability and validity.

There are four tests that are used during the career assessment: These are a career personality test, a career interest test, a career values test, and a career conflict test. Together these give a complete picture of how you fit into the world of work. These career tests are interpreted together so it makes a big picture for you, and your career results are tied directly to who you are as a person, so it makes perfect sense from your perspective. It is truly an investment in your future, as you will pick a career path that is perfectly suited to you as a unique individual.

If you feel like you have more questions than answers about your career path, you will walk away with many answers to all your questions. The world of work has gotten more complex than ever before with changes in technology, demographics, and globalization, so people typically need to seek professional help to navigate the changing world of careers.

Most people tend to be more passive than active when pursuing a career; and this can lead to people making career choices that are not suitable. When people go down a career path that isn’t a good fit, they often become disillusioned, stressed, and dissatisfied, and this can eventually lead to burnout. Career testing helps you make active and accurate career choices, for all the right reasons. Typically when people are in the right career, they are happier, calmer, more satisfied with life, and more successful compared to those individuals that are in careers that does not suit them.

Most people that do career testing later in life have one regret; they wish they had done career testing earlier in life. Ideally, it is best to have a career assessment around high school age, so people can get off to the right start from the very beginning. Even if a career assessment isn’t done at around high school age, it is never too late.  Book your career testing today! 

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