Mental Health Assessments

Our clinic offers many types of mental health assessments that provide critical information for managing your health and wellness, and can track any changes you may experience over time. These assessments are powered by Creyos Health, and are the gold standard for psychological testing. The tests are backed by years of research and have been tested on millions of people. All assessments can be completed quickly and easily, and in the comfort of your own home. You will receive a link to the tests that have been selected for your needs, and you will be sent your reports shortly after completing your testing. The following assessments are available through our office:

ADHD Assessments

We offer testing for ADHD for children, adolescents and adults. There are many benefits of testing for ADHD, and these include:

  • Valuable information for your physician
  • Helpful information for your children’s teachers and their schools
  • Understanding the gifts and talents that people with ADHD may have
  • Informs treatment plans for medical professionals
  • Offers important information for special accommodations at the post secondary level

General Anxiety Disorder and Perceived Stress Scale

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health issues, and recent surveys suggest that over 25% of Canadians are now struggling with moderate to severe stress and anxiety (CAMH, 2022). While anxiety can be debilitating, understanding your triggers and learning strategies to cope with these issues can be positive and life altering.

Post-Concussion Symptoms Questionnaire

Mild to traumatic brain injuries are commonly a result of sports related accidents, motor vehicle incidents, and other types of occurrences. Understanding the incidence and severity of your injury can be the first step in recovery.

Cognitive Assessments

Many people are interested in their cognitive abilities, ranging from memory, concentration, reasoning, Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and much more. Some people want to track these abilities over time, or they may have relatives with dementia or Alzheimer’s, and are looking at optimizing their brain fitness over their lifetimes. It helps people be proactive rather than reactive in managing brain health.

Depression and Mood Disorder Assessments

The incidence of depression has increased dramatically in Canadians over the past number of years (CAMH, 2022), and we can help identify, monitor and treat your depressive symptoms in both adolescents and adults. We can also help assess and identify manic signs and symptoms linked to bipolar disorder.

Instrumental Activities of Daily Living

We may have aging parents or loved ones that have suffered a brain injury or have physical and mental impairments, and this assessment is a great way to quantify how well people are functioning on a daily basis. It is also helpful to track people’s ability to function over time. This can provide valuable information for health care providers and may aid in gaining funding for people who are disabled.

Alcohol and Drug Use Screening Tests

These are two questionnaires that can screen, measure and track the use of alcohol and drugs in adolescents and adults. The reports can be used by physicians, addiction professionals and treatment facilities.

Autism Spectrum Questionnaire

This assessment measures traits that are associated with adults displaying autistic signs and symptoms. This test is best suited to people that are not intellectually impaired.

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Test your attention with a short and engaging cognitive test. This sample assessment consists of a 90 second cognitive test that will objectively measure your attention. Once the test is complete, you will see how you’ve performed relative to the general population.

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