9 Reasons to Choose Dr. Susan MacDonald for Career Counselling

9 Reasons to Choose Dr. Susan MacDonald for Career Counselling

Choosing a career counsellor or career coach can be a confusing and daunting experience. There are a number of reasons that Dr. MacDonald would be a great fit for all of your career counselling and career coaching needs. These are a few reasons to consider before scheduling an appointment:

Personal Experience with a Wrong Career Choice

Dr. MacDonald knows what it’s like to be in the wrong career and what it’s like to be in the right career, and she finds that it is a night and day difference. She wants to help her clients to be as passionate about their work as she is, so never wants to retire, as her work is so fulfilling.

Relevant Education

Dr. MacDonald has a unique mix of education, including a business degree where she majored in human resources. Her research in her Masters and PhD degrees has focused on international career transitions, with Canadians who have worked in 92 countries around the world.

Relevant Experience

Most of Dr. MacDonald’s training was in the counselling centre at the University of Calgary. She worked with many prospective students, helping them choose post-secondary programs to best fit their personalities and interests.

Extensive Industry Experience

She has worked in a number of industries for many years, and continues to consult to organizations regularly. Dr. MacDonald has been employed in the oil and gas industry, the financial sector, the hospitality industry, the recruiting field, the transportation field, and with Alberta Health Services.

University Teaching Experience

In the past Dr. MacDonald worked part-time at four different universities, and she has taught hundreds of students career theory and how to become career counsellors. She no longer teaches, given she is so busy with her private practice.

Referrals from Satisfied Clients

Much of Dr. MacDonald’s clients are referrals from clients that have been very pleased with her career counselling services. She has referrals from friends, families, neighbours and colleagues. Dr. MacDonald has even done career testing with entire families, including parents and all their children!

Extensive Career Assessments

Dr. MacDonald has completed thousands of assessments with clients ranging from the age of 14 to 74. Her interpretation of career assessments are geared exactly to each individual client, so people find this to be a very positive, enlightening, and empowering experience.

Changing an Education Route or Career Path

Change is not easy, even when it is a positive, desired, and needed change. You may not be happy where you are at, but the uncertainty of making a change can be a scary proposition. Dr. MacDonald’s extensive experience can put your mind at ease, helping you better understand what is not working for you and what might be a better fit for you and your life.

Cost of Post-Secondary Education

Current research by Statistics Canada finds the average cost of a four degree in Canada starting in 2022 is approximately $100,000 for students in residence, or $40,000 for students living at home (a nationwide average across all programs) (Statistics Canada, 2022). This does not include textbooks, which can cost thousands of dollars for a four-year degree. There is also the cost of investing a lot of time and energy in a program that is not right for you.

How Do I get started?

If you have ever considered educational counselling, career counselling or career coaching, or would like more information, please give Dr. MacDonald a call today. Counselling is offered both in person and virtually.


Statistics Canada, (2022). Tuition fees for degree programs, 2022/2023.


Susan MacDonald

Dr. Susan MacDonald Ph.D. Registered Psychologist

Calgary-based Dr. Susan MacDonald is a Registered Psychologist with 20 years of experience offering career and personal counselling services to both organizations and individuals.

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