Calgary based Dr. Susan MacDonald is a Registered Psychologist with 20 years of experience offering career and personal counselling services to both organizations and individuals.

Corporate Consulting/Counselling:

Susan consults to organizations in the areas of human resource management and career development. Consulting and career counselling services are available to individual employees and managers, as well as to teams and departments. She offers a variety of online career testing, report writing, performance management, and assessment of organizational effectiveness. Additionally, her 13 years as a human resource professional in the Calgary oil and gas industry adds to her knowledge of careers and the workplace.

International Consulting/Counselling:

Calgary psychologist Dr. MacDonald has conducted research on international career transitions and has published in national and international journals. She works with companies and employees to ensure personal and career success when expatriating and repatriating.

Personal Counselling:

As a psychologist in Calgary, Susan works with individuals, couples, and families. Counselling is offered in the areas of counselling concerns, relationships, health psychology, and life transitions. She received her training from psychologists at the counselling centre at the University of Calgary.

Career Counselling:

Dr. MacDonald is skilled in career counselling and online career testing, which help people discover their unique strengths and competencies. The career reports generated from the career testing process give a clear picture of one’s interests, personality, values, motivations and skills. Susan believes everyone should discover his or her career passion, and this process is optimized through consulting with a career counselling professional.


Ph.D., Applied Psychology, University of Calgary
M.Sc. Educational Psychology, University of Calgary
Dip. Counselling and Guidance, University of Calgary
B.Comm., Human Resources, University of Calgary


College of Alberta Psychologists
Psychologists’ Association of Alberta
Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Alberta’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Committee

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